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independent software consultant

Hello, I'm an independent custom software developer and consultant located in Mason, MI.   I have over 20 years of experience working with business of all sizes doing everything from system and network administration to writing and maintaining custom software for the insurance industry, integration with legacy systems and excel spreadsheets, configuring Window computers, creating standalone desktop applications and web applications, administering and designing MS-SQL and Access databases, and more.

I prefer VB.NET and SQL Server,  but have also done extensive work with C# and Access.

If you have a need for a custom solution, I could be the person you want to hire: give me a call and we'll find out together. I like challenges, but find that listening to the problems has a way of presenting fairly simple solutions.

Here is a list of the technologies I am most experienced with:

  • Client-Server and File-Server Databases
    • Microsoft SQL Server on Windows
    • Data migration from Access, FoxPro, etc. to a database server backend such as Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Custom Desktop Desktop and Web Applications built with Visual Studio
    • VB.NET
    • C#
    • Windows Forms

  • Legacy Applications
    • Visual Studio 6.0 VB applications
    • MS Access Applications (all versions)